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Biography - JOHN O. HENRY

Mr. Henry is identified with the financial, commercial and social life of Richland county, having succeeded in building up a prosperous banking business. He has been entrusted by his fellow citizens with the office of Mayor of Noble, Illinois, and during his term performed the duties of office with dignity and credit. He has been returned as Supervisor of Noble township at two succeeding elections. And this is but a chapter from the life of a man of thirty-five years of age.

John O. Henry is the son of Mason and Lucy Henry. On his father's side he comes of sturdy Irish pioneer stock, his grandfather's parents being natives of Cork county, Ireland. His father, a native of Illinois, removed to Lawrenceburg, Missouri, and there, in 1845, Mr. Henry was born. In his sixth year he came with his family to Noble, Illinois, which has been his home ever since, and where in company with his four brothers and two sisters he laid the foundation of his education. Upon leaving school he entered business life where his strenuous efforts and affable manner soon brought him to the forefront.

The year 1902 marked an important epoch in the life of Mr. Henry. In that year he married Bessie Shannon, prominent in Noble society circles, whose father, William Shannon, had the distinction of serving his country all through the Civil war.

In addition to directing the affairs of an ever-growing banking business, Mr. Henry is active as a stock buyer. He is reputed to be an excellent judge of stock, and it is said he pays a good price for anything he fancies.

As a public man, Mr. Henry is thoroughly clean and conscientious. He has a sane conception of public interests; never allows himself to be swayed by prejudice or party feelings; and is an alert student of the needs of the day. He is broad-minded and tolerant, and the many occasions he has had during his public career to display his public spirit have indelibly marked him as a most desirable citizen. His integrity and practical common sense combine to give him a high place in a community where he is most popular. He has a praiseworthy ambition to be of further service to his town and county, and many prophesy for him a higher place in public life than he has heretofore attained.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Henry are prominent members of the Methodist Episcopal church and lead a happy domestic life.

Extracted 21 May 2019 by Norma Hass from 1909 Biographical and Reminiscent History of Richland, Clay and Marion Counties, Illinois, pages 477-478.

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