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Biography - Edward Richardson

Individual enterprise which is so justly the boast of the American people is strikingly exhibited in the career of the gentleman whose name forms the caption of this sketch. While transmitting to posterity the record of such a life, it is with the hope of instilling into the minds of those who come after the important lesson that honor and station are sure rewards of individual exertion. That the career of such a person besides being treasured in the hearts of relatives and friends, should have its public record also, is peculiarly proper because a knowledge of men whose substantial fame rests upon their attainments and character must exert a wholesome influence upon the rising generation. The life of Mr. Richardson has indeed been a busy and successful one and the record is eminently worthy of perusal by the student who would learn the intrinsic essence of individuality and its influence in moulding public opinion and giving character and stablity to a community.

Edward Richardson, the well-known editor of the Olney Democrat, of which he is owner, also publisher of the Olney Review, both now popular, and one of the influential men of Richland county, Illinois, was born in Lawrence county, this state, October 7, 1867, the son of Thomas H. and Eliza J. Richardson, the former a native of Kentucky and the latter of North Carolina, both representatives of old families of sterling character.

The early education of our subject was obtained in the public schools of Olney, where he carefully applied himself, evincing an early liking for literary studies and deciding when a mere boy to devote his life to newspaper work in some form.

The business career proper of Mr. Richardson began October 22, 1891, when he commenced the publication of the Olney Democrat with C. L. V. Tinker, who sold his interest to become city editor of the Vincennes Sun. Since that time, twelve years ago, Mr. Richardson has owned and edited the Democrat alone, building up the paper until it now has a wide circulation and its mechanical appearance shows that he has a modern plant, the office being one of the best equipped in this section of the state. The Olney Review was established by our subject early in 1908 and it has been a successful venture, supplying a long felt want in the field it seeks to serve. These papers have been especially noted for their strong support of all moral questions and they have enjoyed the support of the best citizens. Aside from the political phase of these papers they are designed to vibrate with the public pulse and in addition to the news of the day, their columns teem with much of the best current literature and they are clean, dignified family papers as well as popular and influential political organs and their steady growth in public favor bespeak for them futures of still greater promise and usefulness under the able management of Mr. Richardson, who is not only an editorial moulder of public opinion, but he also makes his influence felt in directing the affairs of the county, being an enterprising, public-spirited citizen with the affairs of his county at heart.

Our subject was united in marriage with Hulda Strathmann, on February 9, 1898. The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Strathmann, who became Mrs. Richardson, was born in St. Louis, Missouri, January 17, 1877. Her father is now deceased and her mother is now Mrs. Emma L. Busefink. The subject and wife are the parents of three children, namely: Paul, nine years old in 1909; Martha and Mary, twins, who are five years old.

Mr. Richardson is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church and in his political relations he supports the Democratic party. He is a forceful factor in directing thought along those lines which make for the enlightenment of the public and the highest good of his fellow men.

Extracted 26 Apr 2017 by Norma Hass from 1909 Biographical and Reminiscent History of Richland, Clay and Marion Counties, Illinois, pages 283-284.

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