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Alcorn, Anna M. ~ born 13 Sep 1870, father William E. Alcorn, mother Mary Jane Vandolah
Anderson, Delpha May ~ born 4 Oct 1869, father Benjamin Franklin Anderson, mother Nancy Jane Tade
Armsey, Clara ~ born 2 Oct 1871, father George Armsey, mother Loretta Banks

Bacharach, Effie ~ born 12 Sep 1877, father M.E. Bacharach, mother Sarah Landeker
Baird, William Asa ~ born 7 Oct 1870, father Calvin Fredrick Baird, mother Mary Emily Bunn
Bower, Ella Jane ~ born 27 May 1872, father John Bower, mother Catherne Martin
Bratton, George Bluford ~ born 20 Jun 1871, father Samuel Bratton, mother Amanda F. Shannon
Byers, John E. ~ born 31 Mar 1862, father Alexander L. Byers, mother Sarah K. Rowland

Cawood, Loula Beatrice ~ born 30 Apr 1869, father Joseph Cawood, mother Maria Wallace
Craft, James Edward ~ born 2 Feb 1872, father John C. Craft, mother Amanda Jane Crubb

Dodds, Amanda Melvina ~ born 23 Nov 1865, father Joseph G. Dodds, mother Sarah A. Dewberry

Ford, Albert Clinton ~ born 5 Oct 1868, father Willis Anderson Ford, mother Mary Jane Utley
Forrest, Lawrence Jerome ~ born 21 Jun 1870, father Franklin Jerome Forrest, mother Nancy Ann Wyatt
Frey, Ferdinand ~ born 26 Mar 1872, father Jacob Frey, mother Catherine Houck

Gladish, Susan Snyder ~ born 27 Sep 1872, father Jeremiah C. Gladish, mother Mary Ann Grass
Green, Alfred Earnest ~ born 31 Jan 1865, father Basil Green, mother Margaret Virginia Wilkin
Gries, Anna ~ born 26 Aug 1866, father John Gries, mother Elizabeth Steeber

Hahn, Anthony ~ born 13 Jun 1870, father Xavier Hahn, mother Cathryn Pfeiffer
Hallister, Beatrice Camilla ~ born 23 Aug 1869, father James Hallister, mother Amanda Hartt
Harman, Sarah L. ~ born 14 May 1870, father Benjamin C. Harman, mother Amanda Riley
Hill, Lillie Lucretia ~ born 3 Oct 1870, father Edward Franklin Hill, mother Keziah Reef
Hires, Anna ~ born 29 Mar 1873, father Frederick Hires, mother Margaret Hires

Jewell, Merle ~ born 7 Jan 1894, father Frank Jewell, mother Rena Jewell
Junkins, Oscar Milton ~ born 1 Jul 1869, father John Stafford Junkins, mother Mary Ellen Junkins

Killefer, Lydia Durella ~ born 8 Apr 1872, father Joseph Henry Killefer, mother Matilda (Tillie) Shumaker
Killefer, Park Seeley ~ born 1 Dec 1866, father Joseph Henry Killefer, mother Matilda (Tillie) Shumaker
Kitchell, Charles Ross ~ born 18 Nov 1866, father Edward Kitchell, mother Harriet Cliffe

Marshall, Joseph Bowman ~ born 21 Aug 1866, father Henry Vincent Marshall, mother Amanda Comley Jessop
Marshall, Nathan Henry ~ born 12 Sep 1868, father Henry Vincent Marshall, mother Amanda Comly Jessop
McVeigh, Dessie ~ born 7 Jan 1872, father Volney Mcveigh, mother Emily Moretta

Nickerson, William G. ~ born 5 May 1882, father Charles T. Nickerson, mother Catherine Weaver

Oldendorf, George Philip ~ born 22 May 1869, father John Henry Oldendorf, mother Mary Magdalena Laudenberger
Owen, Sarah Allie ~ born 25 Aug 1853, father Peter Owen, mother Nancy James

Rolen, William Wesley ~ born 26 Mar 1865, father William Frank Rolen, mother Victoria Bostic

Sanders, Cora A. ~ born 9 Jul 1878, father W. H. Sanders, mother Virginia Manlove
Scrugham, John ~ born 4 Jan 1864, father George Washington Scrugham, mother Nancy Shoemaker
Smalley, Mary Ann ~ born 14 Jan 1871, father Benjamin Franklin Smalley, mother Lucinda Jane Carmony
Stewart, Scott ~ born 24 Jan 1872, father Jonathan Stewart, mother Mary Jane Redmon

Trobaugh, John William ~ born 27 Oct 1870, father Henry Jackson Trobaugh, mother Elzina Bullard

Walden, Martha ~ born 3 Nov 1854, father William Walden, mother Mary Pringle

Zerkel, Corrie ~ born 18 Jan 1871, father Lee Zerkel, mother Mary Mcwilliams

Extracted 31 Dec 2017 by Norma Hass from FamilySearch's Illinois Births and Christenings, 1824-1940, Collection. More births and information about these births are available at their website.

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