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Ebenezer Cemetery


The Ebenezer Church was organized about the year 1850. In December 1853 a parcel of land 6 rods wide and 14 rods long owned by Wm. Ratcliff, Sr., and lying in Olney Township, Richland Co, IL, was set aside for the purpose of building said church. The deed being made by Wm. Ratcliff, Sr., and his wife, Mary Ann Ratcliff, on 30 December 1853 and recorded on 11 January 1854 in Book E, page 388 at Olney Court House for a consideration of $1.00 (one dollar).
In Dec 1859 a similar plot in size and extent was acquired adjoining this first plot of the East for the purpose of a cemetery. This plot was deeded to the church trustees by the same parties as the first, the Deed being made in 1859, and was recorded 19 March 1861, Book M, page 40 for the consideration of $5. The trustees at the time the Deeds were made were Wm. Ratcliff, Sr., John Ratcliff, Elijah Ratcliff, John Stacey and Daniel Poff.

In 1927, three generations hade passed away and the cemetery being filled up, it was decided to purchase an additional piece of ground on the West and one rod on the North of the old plots, making a final total piece of ground 7 rods wide and 40 rods long. This new ground was purchased from Wm D. Ratcliffe of the 4th generation. This deed was made by Wm. D. Ratcliffe and Nancy J. Ratcliffe, his wife, on 15 Feb 1927 and recorded in Book 75 page 137 at Olney, IL, for the consideration of of $75. The church trustees at this time were: Wm. D. Ratcliffe, Warren Miller, Howard E. Gallagher, Lyman Reed and J. M. Ratcliffe.

In 1966 the Official Board decided it would be well to have a narrow strip of additional land along the north side of the present total 7 x 40 rod property. There already being a narrow strip on the property which could be used with an additional strip to provide a convenient driveway along the north boundary. The present landowner to the north was Mrs. Lois Kimmel. She stated that the narrow parcel of land was not for sale, but a strip 10 feet x 40 rods could temporarily be used for a roadway for the church and cemetery if the church officals would build a fence and maintain it and keep the fence area mowed and cleaned. The above arrangement was agreeable and the fence was moved 10 feet to the north along the 40 rod distance.


ADAMSON, H. Eugene 23 Feb 1887 ~ 03 Oct 1896 --- Son of Thomas and Lydia Ann (Bullard) Adamson
ADAMSON, Robert Aaron 01 Aug 1864 ~ 14 Apr 1865 --- Son of Thomas and Lydia Ann (Bullard) Adamson
ARCHIBALD, James {Note from Debby: no dates here}

BEMONT, Dennis 02 Jul 1902 ~ 12 Apr 1969 --- Husband of Alda Bemont. Son of John and Sarah (Henman) Bemont
BIEHL, Frank {Note: no dates listed}
BOWEN, Clyde P. 02 Nov 1894 ~ 26 Dec 1974 --- Husband of Martha Webber) Bowen. Son of William and Julia (Fishel) Bowen
BROTHERS, Ed. H. died 17 Aug 1917
BROTHERS, Mrs. Ed. H., died 22 Apr 1919
BRYANT, Mrs. Robert T., died 25 May 1914
BULLARD, Baby Son of George and Ocie (Marlowe) Bullard

ENGLE {There is no info after this}

FLEMING, Charles David 01 Jan 1927 ~ 17 Apr 1972. --- Husband of Nadine (Jennings) Fleming. Son of David Elmer and Elma (Kurtz)Fleming
FLEMING, David Elmer 08 Jan 1887 ~ 22 Sep 1973 --- Husband of Elma Kurtz) Fleming. Son of Charles and Christina (Kent) Fleming

GERTSCH, John Leland 03 Feb 1915 ~ 08 Dec 1975 --- Husband of Erma Roby) Gertsch. Son of John and Marie (Dummermuth) Gertsch

HOWE, Baby of Robert Howe
HOYT, Lucinda 10 Feb 1884 ~ 25 Jan 1873 --- Daughter of John and Mary (Bullard) Ratcliffe
HOYT, George
HOYT, Millie and Minnie --- Twins
HOYT, Ermile, died 06 Jan 1906 age 5 yrs
HUNT, George W. Sep 1850 ~ 15 Dec 1877. Husband of Frances (Knight)(Hunt) Totten
HUTCHINGS, Ellis 11 Jan 1919 ~ 02 Mar 1978 Husband of Ethel (Frailey) Hutchings. Son of Stephen and Amanda (Kester) Hutchings

JENNER, Sarah Bemont born 1870 died 19__
JENNINGS, Captolia F. 24 Fb 1917 ~ 10 Oct 1974. Wife of Morris D. Jennings. Daughter of Charles and Fannie (Stivers) Totten.
JENNINGS, Charles C., 14 Jun 1889 ~ 25 Sep 1968. Husband of Gertrude (Slichenmyer) Jennings. Son of Edward and Emma (White) Jennings
JENNINGS, Gertrude 08 Oct 1889 ~ 06 Oct 1976. Wife of Charles C. Jennings. Daughter of John H and Lydia Ann (Butz) Slichenmyer
JONES, Frank 1892 ~ 1918
JONES, Grandma (This grave is by Frank Biehl)
JONES, Hayward
JONES, Lydia

KENT, Tom --- son of Thomas and Mattie (Ellingsworth) Kent
KENT, Walter --- son of Thomas and Mattie (Ellingsworth) Kent
KIRK, Baby of Floyd Kirk
KNIGHT, Elizabeth== born 26 Sep 1858 Daughter of Wm. T. and Mildred
(Ratcliffe)(Ellingsworth) Knight
KNIGHT, William Jr
KNIGHT, William Sr
KURTZ, Gilbert R. 26 Aug 1896 ~ 23 Jan 1971. Son of George and Sarah(Slichenmyer) Kurtz
KURTZ, Glen C. 22 Aug 1901 ~ 16 Jun 1970. Son of George and Sarah (Slichenmyer) Kurtz

LOCKE, Lela Ann 13 Sep 1898 ~ 20 Sep 1973. Daughter of Balsam and Martha (Misner) Bailey

MCCLURE, Linda Sue 07 Dec 1948 ~ 14 May 1974. Wife of Glen McCLure. Daughter of Paul and Beulah (Schwartz) Brewer
MCCLURE, Michelle Lynne 01 Dec 1973 ~ 14 May 1974. Daughter of Glen and Linda (Brewer) McClure
MARTIN, Letha Mae 09 Aug 1921 ~ 24 Feb 1972. Wife of Lloyd Martin. Daughter of Paul and Lela (Bailey) Ratcliffe
MILLER, Elma LaVerne 06 Oct 1895 ~ 07 Jun 1973. Wife of Joseph Warren Miller. Daughter of Andrew and Margaret (Steury) Schonert
MILLER, M. Leticia 15 Nov 1890 ~ 07 Nov 1975. Wife of Harry S. Miller. Daughter of James A and Rebecca (Robards) Campbell

RATCLIFFE, David E. 24 Sep 1909 ~ 07 Oct 1977. Husband of Vera (Courtright) Ratcliffe. Son of William D. and Nancy (Doan) Ratcliffe
RATCLIFFE, Joshua 14 Jun 1828 (DOD unknown) Son of William Sr and Mary Ann (Miller) Ratcliffe
RATCLIFFE, Lydia A 11 Jan 1873 ~ 05 Oct 1874. D/o Edward David and Margaret (Campbell) Ratcliffe
RATCLIFFE, Thomas 15 Nov 1885 ~ 15 Nov 1885. s/o Edward David and Margaret (Campbell) Ratcliffe
RATCLIFFE, Elizabeth Frances 22 Dec 1848 ~ 17 Jul 1849
RATCLIFFE, Mildred 07 Oct 1851 ~ 18 Oct 1851
RATCLIFFE, Emma Jane 02 Apr 1853 ~ 05 Sep 1853
RATCLIFFE, Catherine Hartley 29 Apr 1854 ~ 08 Jul 1854
RATCLIFFE, Clara Olive 02 Nov 1856 ~ 02 Sep 1857
RATCLIFFE, Ella May 13 May 1858 ~ 03 Jul 1858
RATCLIFFE, William Eber 09 Oct 1862 ~ 06 Jan 1863

SHELTON, Baby son of Gilbert Shelton died 02 Dec 1934
SLICHENMYER, Charles O. 31 Jul 1889 ~ 19 Feb 1972. H/o Verna (Fleming) Slichenmyer
SWINSON, Charles {no dates listed--Debby}
SWINSON, Mrs. Harrison A {no dates == Debby)
SWINSON, Charley {no dates -- Debby}

THACKER, Eliza E. 16 Aug 1857 ~ 18 Oct 1894. d/o William H and Mary A. Thacker
THARP, Bertha 14 Jul 1876 ~ 20 Dec 1972 w/o Harley R. Tharp. d/o Charles and Chrsitina (Kent) Fleming
TOTTEN, Anna 26 Nov 1896 ~ 07 Feb 1941 d/o Martin and Frances (Knight)(Hunt) Totten
TOTTEN, Clara 25 Jun 1893 ~ 19 Aug 1941 d/o Martin and Frances (Knight)(Hunt) Totten

WALKER, Infant died 12 Sep 1926. D/o F and L Walker
WEILS, Miss {no dates -- Debby}
WESTON, Billie Jean born and died 17 Aug 1936. s/o Henry Weston
WESTON, Eurice Emil, born and died 14 Aug 1914 s/o Henry Weston
WESTON, Robert H. 15 May 1936 ~ 13 Mar 1974. s/o Russell and Clara Weston
WESTON, Wm R {no dates -- Debby}
WHITAKER, FLorence 10 Jan 192 ~ 25 Dec 1966 w/o Walter Whitaker d/o Andrew and Margaret (Steury) Schonert

There are also 4 WRIGHTS buried here but no names or dates given.

As far as can be determined from available records, Mary Maria Ratcliffe, who died 10 Aug 1842, is the first person
to be buried in this burial plot. At that time it was part of the Ratcliffe family farm.

Contributed by Debby Davis Lantz

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