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County Offices

Richland County birth and death records begin with 1877.
Marriage records in 1841.
Land records begin in 1841.

Birth and marriage records dated from 1916 to present are closed, and not open to the public.

Any record prior to 1916 may be copied for $3.00 per page. A death record after 1916
will cost $5.00 as by law it must be a certified copy.

A surname search fee will be $25.00. This is a listing of birth, death and marriage entries with
the same surname. It will not give information about the entries. With this list in hand, you can
request copies of the entries that you think are of interest to you for $3.00 per page.

Land records can be copied for the same fee, $3.00 per page. We are in need of a specific date,
or book and page number to find this record. Land records begin in 1841. Our office is unable to
do land searches. For this service we recommend that you contact: Richland County Abstract
Company, 114 West Chestnut, Olney, IL. 62450. They will need a designated area and/or
time frame.

Mail your requests for the above records to:
Michael T. Buss
Richland County Clerk & Recorder
103 West Main Street
Olney, IL. 62450

Will and Estate information may be obtained from Connie Kuenstler, Circuit Clerk,
103 West Main Street, Olney, IL. 62450

Old school information can be obtained from Samuel T. White, Regional Supt. of Schools,
103 West Main Street, Olney, IL. 62450

Census, Cemetery, County History and a great many other records and books are available
from the Richland County Genealogical & Historical Society.

Richland County Court House holds the following records from the dates listed:

Birth: 1877 ~ Marriages: 1841 ~ Deaths: 1877 ~ Land: 1841 ~ Probate: 1841 ~ Court: 1842

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